Weaving Practice: Placemats

Weaving, like any other new skill, requires practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  While it may not take Gladwell’s 10,000 hours (whew!), getting good at any new skill takes some time in just doing it.

So I’ve set myself the task of making something simple, hopefully useful, and relatively consumable:  placemats.  They are 88″ of bright cotton warp and a whole lot of a neutral/complementary cotton weft, taking up the entire width of my little 15″ Cricket loom.


I figured this would be enough of a challenge to remain interesting while making something that we could use around the house and camping site …. and maybe even give as gifts.

That may still work out.  May.

Shortly after I took the above picture, my houseguests arrived – a day early.  Which meant that I tied off the far ends of the warp and wound it onto the back roll,  and I said a little prayer that things would not get too tangled up.

The weaving goddesses heard me, but I had forgotten to also ask that the tension also remain even.  Sigh.

So, as I’m weaving along, the weft is a bit wobbly.  It looks pretty good in this picture, but the unevenness is becoming more pronounced as I go.


So …. this is good practice and an important lesson in the importance of maintaining even tension in the warp.  And, I’m hoping that it will even out and settle down after its first washing.  Otherwise, it will be a good liner for the feast and throwing axe baskets!!


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