Graduation: Generically Medieval Garb

This weekend marked a milestone in my development as as SCAdian.  For the first time, I wore clothing that was all (well …. except for my underwear) medieval in style and materials (well, again …. mostly).

The crucial additions for Warriors + Warlords were linen draw-string pants and hand made (not by me) leather boots:


These boots (by Garb the World) were surprisingly comfortable, thanks to a veteran SCAdian’s advice to put Dr. Scholl’s inserts inside the boots to provide a cushion.

I also did wear cotton socks – simply because I didn’t find time to make anything up in linen, knitted or sewn – which soaked up a lot of sweat and a fair bit of the boot dye.

Unfortunately, because of the heat and humidity, I don’t know what my final verdict is on how well my two archery outfits will work in the field.  Hopefully, I will have a chance to try them out before 12th Night!


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