Arrows with Friends

This weekend, the Shire of the Inner Sea  hosted a class on arrow making, and since I’ve been a bit …. hard …. on my arrows this past year, my quiver needed filling.  The combination of learning something new AND an excuse to go hang out with friends in God’s country was just too good to resist.  After a brief introduction around the room, I was definitely impressed.  Two SCAdians from Canada made the trek DOWN to attend the class.  I keep forgetting just how big Northshield really is.

After a brief explanation from Crispin Fletcher on how arrow shafts are (and were historically) made and graded, we got down to tackling the many steps involving in creating wooden arrows.

I didn’t get pics of all of the steps from sealing the shafts through fletching, and honestly, there’s enough specialized equipment involved that I probably will not make arrows on my own any time soon, but here’s a few highlights of the day:

Shafts sealed and crested.  Mine are on the left, and hubby’s are on the right.


Shafts tapered and ready for nocks.
Hubby fletching his set
Fletched and drying in the rack.
New arrows just waiting to be used … after the glue cures for 48 hours.

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