Catching Up …..

October and November ended up being amazing months for gardening here in southern Minnesota, and I forgot to record what I was creating and doing.  So, this is a quick brain dump before I start blogging more consistently.

As part of striving to appear “non-modern,” I have started to create cover ups for modern items that are just too convenient to leave at home.  For instance, wet-wipes.  Darn useful things to have in the feast basket (especially for outdoor events), but I find the modern appearance jarring.  Hence, I took a basic baby hat pattern (crochet) and just kept going on the main body of the hat until I had something tall enough to cover the package.


In retrospect, I am not sure that the appearance of the crochet is a huge improvement, but I think this is a good start.  Besides, it got rid of some of the left over yard I had from my mother’s stash.  Next iteration, I plan to use some waste linen and a lucet-woven string.  But, I get ahead of myself ……

To get ready for Stellar University of Northshield, I made a pouch based on what many Pinterest users describe as a Tudor belt pouch:

I used a Butterick pattern and more cotton fabric that my mother had purchased for quilting.  I think this one turned out quite well, and I felt comfortable using it during the event.  Since it ties shut (with ribbon), it was secure enough for keys and wallet.  Alas, it is too small to easily accommodate my cellphone, a security blanket I should probably just lock in the car …..

I also switched from a leather belt to a woven one (made with woven belt yardage that I purchased commercially), and that was much more comfortable (and probably more historically accurate for a woman).  I had cut down my too-large chemise and Norse apron-dress as well.  So, I felt far better prepared for SUN than I had at my first, quite at-sea event.


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