Quiver 1.0

This canvas quiver is inspired by the English arrow bags (found in the Mary Rose wreckage and seen in period paintings) with a nod to modern nylon quivers.  It’s a design that is not particularly authentic for any given period, but it is something I imagine an archer from a port town might have thrown together from scraps of cotton canvas and leather.

The design allows the quiver to protect the fletching on route to the shoot, but then it can be rolled down to allow access to the arrows while on the shooting line.

I have to admit that I’m a bit proud of this item.  It will require some improvement and adjustments, I’m sure, but it is the first thing I ever made without a purchased pattern.  After looking at what other people have been using at practice and flipping through images on the Internet, I took some measurements and roughed out my own pattern on paper.  These measurements work for the length of arrows that I currently use, but they can be adjusted to for any length of arrow.


After taking a deep breath, I used a cloth marking pen and a ruler to draw out the pattern on the (wrong side!) of the cloth.  The pen uses disappearing ink which will evaporate in a couple of days as well.


And after checking measurements and taking another deep breath, I cut it out and started to pin!!  It took a bit of head scratching and an initial false step, but I even figured out how to pin the strap so that it would be on the outside of the quiver and correctly oriented once I turned the project right side out.


Since this is an item that will be used in practice at least once a week, I made sure to also tack down the seams and do a little top stitching to reinforce potential weak points.

With an addition of some colorful bias tape on the upper edge, and a bit of leather stuffed into the bottom to keep the arrow points from tearing up the fabric, I was done!!






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