Garb 0.5.1

My first attempt at creating garb for an event was sort of a hybrid … hence the 0.5 designation.  I had joined the SCA and wanted to get to an event to see what all of the fuss was about.  But I hadn’t sewn anything in about 15 years, and my sewing machine was showing the neglect.  So, while that was at the shop being cleaned and tuned (and I was rejoicing that someone still services old Kenmore machines!), I ordered an outfit from a SCAdian who sells garb on Etsy.  I started with a Viking era outfit figuring that I would be easy to wear, and at the time I thought my persona would be a Viking settler from Hedeby.

Unfortunately, when the outfit arrived, it was too big.  This was entirely my fault …. well, the US fashion industry takes some blame also for training me to think of myself as “large” when I’m really pretty middling when it comes to height and weight … because I had read the size description and assumed that I would need some “fudge factor” in the sizing.  Nope.  The seamstress was accurate in her measurements, and I needed to take in the outfit a good 3 to 4 inches.

Hum.  Thankfully, my sewing machine was ready by the time I washed and shrank the outfit as much as the linen was going to go.  So I took a good long look at the underdress and hangerock, realizing that it was all straight seams.   I carefully measured, took out the seam ripper, and went to it.

After a couple of days, the outfit was all back together, slightly smaller, and I went to my first event (which I will write about in a later post).  I was proud of myself and emboldened to start planning a traditional SCAdian t-tunic that will be Garb 1.0 in a few weeks.

I did, however, experience the challenge of wearing period clothing.  I’m not used to climbing up and down stairs in a long dress …. while carrying food that I really do not want to spill.  And the underdress …. being woven linen rather than a slightly stretchy blend …. kept slipping sideways.  Urg!!  When I’m moving around, I don’t want to keep adjusting my clothing.

So, I took out the seam ripper again and attacked the neckline, creating a thin casement with a bit of 1/8″ elastic through it.  It’s not period, but I’m hoping it will just look like a bit of gathering to observers ….. and still keep the underdress from wandering around my shoulders.  We’ve got another event coming up this weekend where I can test out my little fix to see if it works ……







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